【2 IN 1】 BBQ Grill Pan Teppanyaki & Hot Pot Steamboat/ Stimbot

RM 121.00

Product Description : 

•【Malaysia Plug】 

•Korean Electronic Pan Grill & Steamboat Combination 

•Steamboat and Pan Grill station in one awesome product 

•This is definitely one gift you should buy for you and your family! 

•Save space 

•Non-stick baking tray and food safety, food made easy. 

•Barbecue is not burning, smoke and dust. 

•Easy to control, hygiene and cleaning. 

•Helps you save money on food and travel. 

•Divided into 2 trays : one tray near to baked, fried foods , pot 1 tray to set . 

•Easy to clean and hygienic after your family feast ends. 

•Product standard Korean technology