【2 IN 1】Stainless Steel Induction Rice Cooker Skillet Pan Steamer Pot / Pengukus

RM 24.38

Product Description: 

•WHOLESALE Price !! 

•Multi-function Stainless Steel Induction Cooker Steamer Pot 

•Dimension : 35.5cm x 20cm 

•Multi-functional: Cooking or Steaming rice, Heating dishes and soup, Boiling eggs etc 

•Suitable to fry, steam, braised, stew and all kind of cooking purpose •Easy to use and operate 

•Convenient for steaming and cooking at the same time 

•Material: Non-stick ceramic coating stainless steel 

•Handle that won't transfer heat 

•Anti-scald pot handle with comfortable grip 

•Evenly distributed porous design to increase speed for steaming 

•Ergonomic design of pot design to prevent scalding 

•Dishwasher safe, easy to clean 

•Cover type: Glass cover