3 IN 1 Non-Stick Frying Pan Grill Pot Wok Cooker Smokeless Kitchen Cookware / Kuali Periuk Memasak

RM 23.90

Product Description: 

•【3 PCS SET】20cm 24cm 28cm Stir Frying Pan 

•Give your culinary skills a boost with this Cookware Set and enjoy cooking like never before. 

•Adopts with non-stick coating makes cleaning extremely easy. 

•Low consumption of oil. 

•Durable, extreme scratch and high-abrasion resistance. 

•Distributes heat evenly, resulting in faster and more uniform cooking 

•Saving power and keeping food warm for longer. 

•Suitable for all kinds of stove on gas, electric, vitroceramic glass and induction cookers. 

•Heat insulated handles 

•Long lasting performance 

•Pack in Colorful Retail Box, perfect as gift 

•Diameter pan: 20cm; 24cm; 28cm 

•Thickness: 2.2mm 

•Color : Black Red