4.0L Electric Air Fryer Timer Cooker Non-Stick Fry Roast Grill Bake Machine

RM 167.90

Product Description: 


•【FREE : 1 x Recipe Cook Book】 

•Electric air fryer lets you enjoy your favourite fried food without the added calories from oil 

•Air circulation, instead of oil heating, no fried more healthy 

•Bottom vortex heat flow technology, fast heating, more uniform heat 

•360-degree hot wind heating, fast and efficient 

•Adjustable temperature from 0 to 200 Degree Celsius for cooking food 

•Non-stick pan coating material with detachable tank, easy to clean 

•Strong heat dissipation system, protecting machine and prolonging service life 

•Liquid crystal display, precision control constant temperature 

•Stainless steel outer layer heating pipe to shorten heating time 

•With timing function and auto-protection, safe and convenient 

•Ergonomic handle, comfortable to use