8 in 1 Professional Pedicure Kit/set Pedicure Foot Planing Knife Dead Skin Pedicure (FREEGIFT HEAD EARPHONE/USB CABLE)

RM 45.90

Specifications and uses 

1. Single file: Stainless steel can quickly polish and push away dead skin and calluses, making them loose 

2. Curvature file: Curved handle design for easier cleaning of dead corners 

3. Dead skin scraper: Super sharp blade for easy removal of dead skin and corn 

4. Double-sided sandpaper file: Both sides are thin and rough and can be polished without pressure. 

5. Dead skin fork: Clean dead skin around toes, sharp and durable without rusting. 

6. Double-sided nail file range: Imported sandpaper, remove gloss and surface debris, double-sided polishing, more durable. 

7. Blades (5): Super sharp. For replacement. 

8. Silicone film: Use it to change the blade to protect you from cutting the blade.