Bisutang Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ Anti-UV Radiation Refreshing Face Body Sunblock (FREEGIFT HEAD EARPHONE/USB CABLE)

RM 36.00

Sunscreen Characteristics 

1. Physical Sunscreen Plus Chemical Sunscreen, Anti-aging Throughout The Year; 

2. Quick Film Formation, Refreshing, Non-greasy, No Clogging Of pores, No Boring Acne, Moisturizing; 

3. Reflect UVA, UVB And Other Ultraviolet Rays, Reduce Ultraviolet Radiation, Prevent Pigmentation, Tan And Red Peeling, Etc.; 

4. UV Protection For Up To 12.5 hours; 

5. Light Texture, Acne Skin And Oily Skin Can Be Used. It Won't Be Very White After Application, And It's Very Docile When Applying Makeup