Household High Suction Vacuum Cleaner Ultra-quiet Powerful Mite Removal (FREEGIFT HEAD EARPHONE/USB CABLE)

RM 81.00


.2020 handheld vacuum cleaner hot style 

.Easy to suck boudoir clean start 

.New upgrade 

.Flexible brush,get the ground clean again 

.Bed anti-mite brush,dust off and sleep in peace 

.Hand/putter two-in-one suitable for all places

 .Quality motor,brings great suction of 19000Pa 

.Say goodbye to the vacuuming mode 

.Change the way you vacuum,probe into gap to clean .

A world of dust under the bed to explore

 .Bass run,it will hardly disturd you to rest 

.1.2L large capacity dust bucket 

.Water washable filter haipa,discharge clean air 

.Easy to install and control