Isweep Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera (FREEGIFT HEAD EARPHONE/USB CABLE)

RM 391.00

ISweep X100 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera 

* professional smart robot 

* mop, vacuum in one automated cleaning 

* anti-falling self protection 

* barrier detection smart sensors 

* 4 cleaning mode, easy to control - auto clean mode, spot clean mode, wall tracing mode, manual clean mode 

* 6 in 1 cleaner, increase efficiency by 38%   - detect -> sweep -> clean -> vacuum -> filter -> mop 

* createcustom boundary for robot cleaner 

* clean all kinds of floors 

* long standby, smart auto recharge    - it is able to clean up to 150m2 space. 2200mAh battery, 60-90mins standby time. 

* weight: 3.5kg