Thick Shelf Compensation Free Punching Toilet Rack Wall Hanging Bathroom Wall Rack (FREEGIFT HEAD EARPHONE/USB CABLE)

RM 22.90

Installation method: wall-mounted without punching 

[Load-bearing 10 kg] High-quality pp material is strong and durable. 

Good adsorption capacity, storage of all kinds of bathroom, stable load-bearing performance 

[How to use] 

1. The wall should be flat and smooth without powder 

2. When the triangle is glued, the level of the two pieces of glue cannot be as high as the glue 

3. After the wall is on the wall, please [press hard by hand to exhaust the air from the inside out] 

4. Make sure that the glue is firmly glued before placing the box

5. Hang the box into the groove hook to complete the installation (the effect is better if it is left for 24 hours) Secret No Trace No Nail