Triply Non-Stick Stainless Steel 34cm Smokeless Frying Wok Pot Pan/ Periuk

RM 70.85

Product Description: 

•Stylish and durable stir fry pan with cover 

•Adopts whit ford non-stick coating. 

•Entirely made in stainless steel, does not release any residues on food keeping it healthy. 

•Highly durable, keeps original features preserving looks, hygiene and durability of material. 

•Triple-ply bottom (stainless steel + aluminium + stainless steel) 

•Distributes heat evenly, resulting in faster and more uniform cooking, saving power and keeping food warm for longer. 

•Suitable for all kinds of stove and induction cookers. 

•It can be used on gas, electric, vitroceramic glass and induction. 

•Made from Stainless Steel, which spreads heat evenly and energy efficiently. 

•Anti-scald Handle & Lid 

•Long lasting performance 

•Thick anti-deformation base